The Art of Psalming

What does it mean to be human?

The Psalms offer an invitation to become more alive and more fully human. Like any good song, their words invite a connection of head and heart. My experience has shown that connections on this level take time and space. One of the pivotal parts of my journey has been making this space through reading one psalm a week and reflecting/owning one verse a day in a journal.

The results were surprising.

Moment by moment, I noticed that I was more present. I felt more deeply emotions throughout my day. I even found myself loving jazz music. In a word, I felt more fully me.

Take this journey. Pick up a Bible and a journal. Read one Psalm every day for a week and journal about one unique section in that Psalm that sticks out to you. As you do so consider asking these three questions:


What is being revealed hear about the character of God? What does God look/feel like in this particular passage? How does it relate with you and your current context of life?


What did you learn about in this passage for which you could repent? Is there a habit/attitude in your life that you need to turnaround? What can you joyfully let go of?


What did you learn about that you could do? Is there an attitude you can ask for? Is there something you could act upon?

Fifteen minutes or so. A small chunk of your day to make a life long impact.